Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?

Anyone over the age of 18. We accept applications from anyone who is working or receiving centrlink Benefits such as – parenting payment, family tax benefit, carers allowance, disability support pension, widows allowance, aged pension and new start.

How do I apply?

Call us on 1800 678 277 we will be happy to help or request a call back.

What documents do I need to have to apply?

Photo ID and your income details (payslips or Centrelink statements)

What if I am on Centrelink Benefits

Part of our promise is to give everyone a fair go. Yes you can apply. We will assess your circumstances fairly and responsibly.

What if my credit or rental history has been poor?

We consider each application individually and we understand people do experience hard times. We consider where you are today and give everyone a fair go.

Will a credit check be done?

Yes we conduct an Equifax credit check as part of the application process once you have provided your consent.

Is a deposit or bond required?

No deposit is required.

Are all the products new?

Yes every product we offer is brand new.

What if there is a certain brand I want?

We have a large range of brands but if there is something you would like please call us and we will assist you.

What happens if I experience financial hardship?

Call us and talk to us. We are here to help, and we understand people’s circumstances change. We will listen to you and work with you.

Can I end the lease early?

Yes you can but there may be some fees and charges to pay. Please call us so we can provide you with a payout figure

What happens when I make my last payment

We will contact you before your final payment. You can return the goods or take advantage of our gift option which means the goods are gifted to a person of your choice with no more to pay.

Who pays for repairs?

Providing it is normal wear and tear or breakdown, it is covered by the warranty.

Our gift to family or friend offer

Six Star Rentals believes in rewarding loyal customers. That's why at the end of your rental agreement, you can take advantage of the opportunity to gift to family or friends.
Our gift to family or friends offer means that once your rental agreement ceases you can request us to gift the item or items to a person that you nominate (this person cannot be the renter).
Typically, this person is nominated at the commencement of the rental agreement, but you can change the nominated person at any time.
This person could be your partner, your friend, someone in your family or household. No additional payments.