LG NeoChef 42L 1200W Stainless Steel Inverter Microwave

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How do you want to pay?


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The LG NeoChef Microwave Oven MS4266OSS features an Anti-Bacterial EasyClean interior coating which eliminates 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria from the surface. Cleaning the microwave interior is simple and convenient as all it takes is just a few wipes. This LG microwave oven has 1200 watts of power and a 42 litre capacity, allowing you to reheat and cook food much faster. It features a 360mm turntable diameter, so you can reheat food in both large and small containers. Its Inverter technology allows you to kiss overcooked edges goodbye as it enables precise temperature control with an even distribution of heat. It also features a touch control panel, so you can defrost or cook food by type and weight. This LG microwave oven allows you to defrost, warm and cook all within the one appliance.